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Dec 4, 2013 7:00pm EST
that the telecom infrastructure is critical there. this also comes at the same time vice president joe biden is including stops in both asia and south korea. the white house has not responded to the letter but it could come up in meetings. as for south korea's response, it was actually a subsidiary of seoul-based lg. says the value of the contract has not been determined and they haven't considered ending the contract because of u.s. concern. all they're getting from the company is equipment and they will have no access to network operation. the back to you. >> also tonight, vice president biden and the chinese president met in beijing as tensions over china's decision to enforce a rattled thense zone region. we have the details. >> vice president biden did not directly address china's air defense zone after his meeting but there was little else people in the region have been focused on. they are in the midst of walking a diplomatic tightrope. it is something biden made clear as he sat with xi after the meeting. call complex relationships for sustained a high-level engagement. that is why th
Dec 5, 2013 7:00pm EST
of staff the vice president biden to get a washington insider's point of view next. ♪ >> bankrupt company, bankrupt city. what happened the? >> we lost our way. >> this does not look like my old man's cadillac. >> where the fastest-growing car brand in the world. >> a 111-year-old brand, doesn't have what it take you? >> the november employment report comes out friday morning and while investors look at the numbers more than one million americans are watching congress to pass an extension of emergency unemployment benefits. they are set to expire december 28. democratic strategist robert hoopes has been an active member in electoral politics are more than 20 years working in joe biden's senate office and later as a member of the obama-biden transition team and is currently the president of a bipartisan public affairs company. thanks for coming on tonight. we have to start with the breaking news, your reaction to the death of nelson mandela. >> at this moment in washington, we are talking a lot about leadership. you look at his qualities as a leader, perseverance, determination, the gratit
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2